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Shark and Seal Safety in New England Waters

Seacoast Science Center Marine Mammal Rescue was featured on WMUR TV9’s NH Chronicle on October 8, 2020. MMR Manager Ashley Stokes, along with partner Marianne Long from Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, shared insight on shark and seal populations in the Gulf of Maine, and guidelines for seal viewing and recreating safely in ocean waters.

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Physical Distancing and Marine Mammals: A Lesson from COVID-19

Brian Yurasits | Marine Mammal Rescue Community Outreach Manger
The spread of Covid-19 virus around the United States has prompted health officials to recommend that the public stay at least 6 feet away from other individuals. By now, we’re all familiar with the terms ‘Physical Distancing’ and ‘Social Distancing’, as we’ve been trying our

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Gray Seal Pup Sampling on Monomoy Island

Ashley Stokes | SSC Marine Mammal Rescue Manager
Monomoy Island, off of Chatham Massachusetts, is a known rookery and birthing site for gray seals. Gray seals are the larger, more aggressive relatives of the harbor seal that is typically seen up here in New Hampshire. From January 13-16th, Sarah and I teamed up with 13

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Star Island Response Training

This past week two of our staff members made the trek by boat out to Star Island (Isles of Shoals) to train a few of their staff members how to respond to marine mammals, since we can’t easily dispatch a team member when we get a report out there! That training came at the perfect

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Weanlings Rest Stop

These two seals kept us busy today! Both of our rehabilitation facilities, National Marine Life Center and Mystic Aquarium, are full. So we monitor the animals and relocate them if necessary.
The first animal is a harbor seal pup, likely newly weaned from Mom. She is alert and responsive, but thin and dehydrated. She is

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Salisbury Beach Gray Seal Relocation

During the past two days, our team has been monitoring a yearling male gray seal on Salisbury Beach. As you can see from the photo, he is suffering from a serious case of alopecia/hair loss. This has been found in gray seals to be caused by a fungal infection and sometimes in conjunction with a

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#OceanRunnerNH: Seal on the Beach?

Ocean Runner Nichole finds SSC’s Marine Mammal Rescue volunteer Patty Adell monitoring a gray seal on a Hampton, NH beach during her afternoon run. Patty fills her in on what to do and not do if you encounter a seal on the beach (dead or alive): stay back and call the MMR hotline at

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Crane’s Beach Gray Seal

This past week responded to another young gray seal, this time on Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA. We waited to share this seal, because she stuck around the area for 2 1/2 days. But we are happy to report that as we were considering where to relocate her because our rehabilitation facilities are full, she

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Seal Armstrong’s Release

Ashley Stokes | NH Marine Mammal Rescue Team Coordinator
Yesterday afternoon while we were down in MA checking in on Amelia Sealheart (our harbor seal pup we posted the update on last night), we were also down there for another very special reason: Seal Armstrong, the grey seal pup that we rescued on February

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Seal Armstrong, back at ya!

Seal Armstrong, looks much healthier after being cared for at the National Marine Life Center, but he still needs to learn how to eat fish and put on the pounds! Remember, we can only save the seals with your help! Please make your tax-deductible donation to help save the seals today.

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