Star Island Response Training

Posted on July 15, 2017

This past week two of our staff members made the trek by boat out to Star Island (Isles of Shoals) to train a few of their staff members how to respond to marine mammals, since we can’t easily dispatch a team member when we get a report out there! That training came at the perfect time, as the following day they had a live sub-adult gray seal and the day after that they had a harbor seal weanling!

The female gray seal was active and responsive with great weight on her, but she does have a moderate case of alopecia (hair loss). She left the location late in the afternoon the following day.

The harbor seal weanling only made a short stop, in the swimming area of the Island. While the staff were setting a perimeter, this little seal decided that spot of the island was far too busy for him, and it swam off!

Special thanks to the staff members out there for helping to keep an eye on these animals for us, while collecting data and sending us photos!

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