Community Science

What IS Community Science??

Community science, also known as citizen science, is how YOU can participate in scientific research and environmental monitoring through observation, inquiry, and investigation. Everyone–from children to adults–can join in to explore, learn about, and contribute to the knowledge and understanding of our ecosystems!

Community Science at SSC

At Seacoast Science Center, our goal is to provide community science opportunities that build a connected learning ecosystem, where anyone can share resources and ideas. By engaging youth and community members in place-based observation and monitoring, we can spark a life-long passion for environmental education, strengthen our connection to the natural world, and inspire a commitment to conservation.

We are proud to be a part of the NASA-funded Learning Ecosystems Northeast project. Together, education partners across the Northeast are building local learning communities that are committed to empowering the next generation of climate stewards.

We believe in the transformative power of personal experiences, place-based learning, and local investigation—helping people of all ages develop knowledge and skills to tackle the challenges ahead.

Community (Citizen) Science Programs


BioBlitz is our annual dawn-to-dusk biological survey of Odiorne Point State Park. Families and nature enthusiasts team up with SSC naturalists and guest experts to explore the Park’s habitats to find and identify as many different species as possible in just one day! BioBlitz is a great way to get kids (and adults!) excited about science, learn about biodiversity, and discover how you can help protect our natural world.

Like an extreme nature scavenger hunt, BioBlitz offers many opportunities for all ages to gain knowledge and hone skills in their favorite areas of nature! Habitat, plant, and animal explorations are scheduled throughout the day, allowing participants to choose among activities that interest them the most. With seven distinct natural habitats to survey, there’s something for everyone!

Saturday, September 236:30am-4pm


Rockweed Biomass Survey

Become a  community (citizen) scientist and join SSC naturalists on an investigation of the coasts’ most abundant seaweed, rockweed! This algae provides critical habitat and resources for coastal animal and human communities, and with your help scientists can better understand just how much of it is out there. You’ll be introduced to various species of seaweed and coastal data collection methods during this two-hour program. Participants should wear weather appropriate clothing and close-toed shoes. No experience necessary; all materials will be provided.

Saturday, September 91:00-3:00pm


Rocky Shore Investigation (For Groups)

Students will become community scientists in this hands-on rocky shore field science program. Student-collected data will contribute to local ongoing research on the impacts of invasive crabs and help scientists identify new solutions to the problem … such as eating them! Students will receive a brief training on crab identification, safe handling and data collection, then head to the rocky shore for their field investigation. Students will practice scientific inquiry skills, collect data, observe and understand the impacts of invasive species, and explore concepts of biodiversity and ecosystem health. Associated wrap-around curricula are available for teachers.

Community Science Opportunities with our Partners

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