One Photogenic Seal!

Posted on July 14, 2017

The female weanling harbor seal we were monitoring yesterday appears to have gone back out to the ocean! She blended in well at the rocky shore in Rye near the Crown Colony Cottages, but we scoured the area and she is no longer there. She was very photogenic, so we wanted to share some photos from when we assessed her yesterday afternoon!

Here, he is perfectly modeling the “banana pose” that we like to see seals resting in. Keeping their head and hind flippers off the ground aids in thermoregulation.

Oftentimes, even sick seals will “banana up” when approached. But when they are resting and not focused on a noise or movement is when we really like to see the head and flippers elevated. This photo was taken with a zoom lens while observing from a distance.

Extreme banana pose while stretching! She does have some superficial abrasions to her hind flippers and abdomen, but they aren’t infected and should heal on their own.

And we just could not resist sharing this sho!

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