Humpbacks off the beach in Salisbury?

Posted on September 15, 2017

September 21 update: We have not received reports of whale sightings since Tuesday, Sept. 19 and believe the whales have moved offshore due to the recent wave activity. 

Yes! It’s true! 

You may have heard from the news or other social media outlets that there have been whales feeding within 100′ from the beach in Seabrook, NH and Salisbury, MA and thought, “yea, right!” We have been receiving reports since Sunday and were skeptical, but it turns out to be true! Baitfish, called menhaden (commonly referred to as “pogies”), are running in enormous numbers and that has attracted not only whales, but tuna and seals as well. 

We have confirmed that there have been 2 different humpback whales in the area, and possibly 1-2 minke whales as well. They have been traveling back and forth, lunge feeding between Salisbury Center and the southern portion of Seabrook Beach. 

While this is an amazing sight, remember, these animals are federally protected and you must keep stay at least 150 feet away. Being in a boat, paddle board, or kayak is no different: keep your distance and let them feed. They are working hard to fatten up before migrating south!

We are trying to keep a close eye on them, so if you spot them, please report it to our hotline at 603-997-9448. If you have any photos/video or know someone that does, especially with a telephoto lens, please email them to


Mike, a local pilot, captured the last, amazing photo from his planet. The black ‘cloud’ is the biomass of baitfish, and the light colored spot in the middle is the humpback whale getting its fill!  Great shot Mike!

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