Two Northern MA Cases

Posted on August 12, 2017

Our MMR Team assists NOAA Marine Fisheries in responding to the northern MA coast.  Below is a live female weanling harbor seal at Salisbury Reservation. The plan was to take her down to our friends at National Marine Life Center for rehabilitation, but shortly after transport began, she crashed quickly. She was taken to New England Aquarium and necropsied, which revealed that internally she was riddled with infection and pneumonia, and became septic.

This is the harbor seal weanling from Sandy Point last night!

This was another weanling harbor seal that was reported at Sandy Point Reservation in Newbury, MA yesterday evening. Despite having some lacerations on its lower back, this seal was bright, alert, responsive, good weight, very active. When we asked the caller to get a few photos for us until a field responder arrived, the seal decided it had other plans and fled to the water!

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