Two-Spot Octopus: Babies!

Video by Daryn Clevesy | Visitor Program Coordinator
Story by Lauren Bucciero | Marketing Intern
This March, Seacoast Science Center welcomed some new baby critters! We were fortunate to receive a female two-spot octopus with eggs from our colleagues at Dartmouth College. Octopuses lay their eggs over the course of a few months, therefore,

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Behold the octopus: Problem solver, tool user and now, gene editor

Ben Locwin | Originally posted April 20, 2017 | Genetic Literacy Project
There are a few things to learn about octopuses: First – the plural of ‘octopus’ is indeed ‘octopuses,’ not ‘octopi.’ Second – they are thought to be, by far, the smartest invertebrates on the planet. They  use tools, solve mazes and puzzles, and

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Octopus Challenge: Day 1

Octopus are among the most unique beings on Earth. They possess a complex genomic structure that rivals the most intelligent mammals. These invertebrate cephalopods are capable problem solvers and masters of illusion.
Currently, the Seacoast Science Center has two Pacific Red Octopus (Octopus rubenscens) on display. In this video series, you can observe

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One Crafty Critter: the Common Octopus

Ashley Breault | Marketing Intern | Ocean Studies and Communications Student at University of New England
Back by popular demand, we’ve introduced a new Common Octopus, Octopus vulgaris, into our Creature Feature tank. Some fans may recall how much attention the octopus we had on exhibit in 2012 received. And, there’s good reason for it!

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