Staying Warm

child with hands in a yellow bucket full of ice Has the weather been getting colder outside in your neighborhood? As winter approaches, what are some ways that you stay warm? When our bodies get cold we shiver, but we have also found ways to keep ourselves warm such as building houses, and bundling up in warm clothes. But without walls and sweaters, how do marine mammals avoid getting too cold in the ocean? Learn about how the mammals in the coldest parts of the world stay warm at SciShow Kids. Then, try out this Blubber Glove Activity to learn more about how whales and seals stay warm. Eager to learn more? Head to Steve Spangler Science and try out this Hand Warmer Experiment (NOT FOUND) to see if you can find a new way to stay warm this winter.


Seacoast Science Center will be CLOSED today: Friday, April 5, 2024. Our utilities are currently down and need to get repaired before we are able to open for visitors. Thank you for your understanding. 

CLOSED today.

Seacoast Science Center is closed today due to inclement weather.