Have you ever eaten lobster, touched a live lobster, or maybe found a lobster while tidepooling? The rocky shore’s gravelly bottom provides many good hiding spots, and makes a great nursery for baby lobsters to make their homes and grow. Do you know how many eggs a lobster can carry? How about what animals they are related to? View our Lobster Fact Sheets to find out more about this cool crustacean and try our Build a Better Lobster Trap design challenge. Now, see what you notice about one of our favorite lobsters at Seacoast Science Center with Emma in this video:

To learn more about lobsters, check out the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Lobsters web page, [LINKS TO SITE BUT I DON’T THINK THIS SITE HAS THAT PAGE ANYMORE] or explore Fun Facts about Luscious Lobster from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.


Seacoast Science Center will be CLOSED today: Friday, April 5, 2024. Our utilities are currently down and need to get repaired before we are able to open for visitors. Thank you for your understanding. 

CLOSED today.

Seacoast Science Center is closed today due to inclement weather.