Have you ever eaten lobster, touched a live lobster, or maybe found a lobster while tidepooling? The rocky shore’s gravelly bottom provides many good hiding spots, and makes a great nursery for baby lobsters to make their homes and grow. Do you know how many eggs a lobster can carry? How about what animals they are related to? View our Lobster Fact Sheets to find out more about this cool crustacean and try our Build a Better Lobster Trap design challenge. Now, see what you notice about one of our favorite lobsters at Seacoast Science Center with Emma in this video:

To learn more about lobsters, check out the Gulf of Maine Research Institute’s Lobsters web page, [LINKS TO SITE BUT I DON’T THINK THIS SITE HAS THAT PAGE ANYMORE] or explore Fun Facts about Luscious Lobster from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.


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Seacoast Science Center is closed today due to inclement weather.