Build a Box Turtle Habitat

Our very own three-toed box turtle, Raspberry, is getting a new habitat at Seacoast Science Center! What type of habitat do you think would suit him best? If you were a box turtle, would you like a large space or a cozy space? Hidden or exposed? Up high or underground?

Follow these steps to learn all about box turtles and complete our design challenge!


Watch the video below to learn about Raspberry, the Three-toed Box Turtle that lives at Seacoast Science Center.


Check out this excellent website to learn more about a box turtle’s diet, behavior, and biology.


Ready for the challenge? Design and build a dream home habitat for a box turtle using our Challenge: Build a Habitat planning sheets.


Don’t forget to add Raspberry! When you’re finished, you can draw Raspberry into your habitat or you can cut out and add this photograph of Raspberry.

Raspberry the box turtle


Email a photograph of your habitat design by April 15th to Be sure to tell us your first name and age if you would like us to share it on social media.


Join us on Seacoast Science Center’s Facebook page for Turtle Time with Daryn, when she will give you a closeup view of Raspberry and share your submitted designs!

Turtle Time on Facebook Live

Friday, April 16
4:30 pm

Want to learn more about other animal habitats?

Try our Habitat Match to pair animals with their homes and head to National Geographic’s Habitats. What would be your favorite habitat to live in? Can you Build a Shelter that would work well in your habitat?

Many animals hide, or camouflage, in order to stay safe from predators or to hunt their prey. Skates, lobsters, and other animals that stay on the bottom of the ocean have concealing coloration that help them to blend in. Box turtles have beautiful mottled colored shells, or carapaces, to help them camouflage with their surroundings. Want a fun game to play with your family and friends? Try this Disappearing Turtle Activity and see whose turtle survives the longest in hiding. Good luck!


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