DIY Odiorne Point State Park Adventures

Grab a Do-it-Yourself Odiorne Point State Park Adventures guide sheet at SSC or click on an image to view a guide on your smart device and safely explore the park with your family. 

Ready to get your feet wet?

The tide pools at Odiorne are home to an array of fascinating plants and animals. Located just outside our doors, tide pools are scattered throughout the rocky shore when the tide is out. If you plan to go tide pooling, be sure to check the tide prediction for the day of your visit; tide pools are best visited within 2 hours, before or after,  low tide.


Discover Odiorne Point State Park’s Rich History

You may know this land as Odiorne Point State Park, but it has undergone many transformations over the centuries. Using the map provided, adventure to these locations throughout the park and see what you can discover! We encourage you to take pictures of what you find and share with our Naturalists!


Lighthouse Lookout from Odiorne Point State Park

Did you know that from Odiorne Point State Park and the Center, you can view four lighthouses, including Portsmouth Harbor, White Island, Whaleback, and Boon Island, as well as the Wood Island Life Saving Station? In addition to doing this fun scavenger hunt, you can become part of a dedicated group, passionate about preserving America’s lights, and earn six USLHS Lighthouse Passport stamps at the Seacoast Science Center, and support the restoration of these cherished coastal icons.


Exploring the Habitats of Odiorne Point State Park

Do you know that while the spectacular rocky shore is the one of the most notable habitats of OPSP,  there are seven distinctly different habitats in the park, including forest woodlands, salt marsh, grassy fields, freshwater and salt ponds, and sandy beach (non-swimming) that combine to make Odiorne one of the region’s most biologically diverse places to explore.


Colors and Shapes in Nature

Here is a colorful adventure for young explorers! It’s time to have a nature adventure and use our powers of observation! What colors and shapes can you find as you explore Odiorne Point State Park? Can you find matches for all of the items in this scavenger hunt? What was the easiest shape to find? The most difficult? Do you think you would find different examples in spring or autumn?

Summer Scavenger Hunt


Winter Scavenger Hunt

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