Benefactor Offers Match for Wendy Tefft Social Services Program

Posted on March 5, 2020

A $1,500 dollar-for-dollar match is being offered to expand the Wendy Tefft Fund, a program that gives free Seacoast Science Center memberships to social service agencies in New Hampshire. Elaine Tefft of Bedford, founder of the Wendy E. Tefft Fund, has pledged to match all donations made in March and April 2020, up to a total of $1,500.

 “The Seacoast Science Center was a favorite destination of my daughter-in-law Wendy and her son,” explained Elaine Tefft. “There is no place more fitting to keep Wendy’s passion for the ocean and education alive. As a beloved kindergarten teacher, Wendy is remembered by her kindness and her love and dedication to her family. She enjoyed actively engaging in nature and held a high value for hands-on education. I would love more parents to be able to have this experience with their children.”

The Wendy Tefft Fund was established in Wendy’s memory in 2017. This fund provides Seacoast Science Center memberships to social service agencies in the region, giving the agencies’ clients the ability to visit the Center free of charge. Moms, dads and guardians from a dozen agencies have been to enjoy free admission to the Center, including on special days like the annual World Ocean Day Family Festival, BioBlitz, and Dive Into Science days. Elaine Tefft looks forward to offering membership to more organizations with the increased funding coming through the match she has offered.

Seacoast Science Center is located right on the ocean in Rye, NH and is open year-round. The Center’s mission is to spark curiosity, enhance understanding and inspire conservation of our Blue Planet. For 28 years, Seacoast Science Center has been welcoming visitors from around the state, country, and world for its unique brand of ocean science education. By getting up close with live animals and exploring interactive exhibits, people of all ages gain an understanding of how ocean health affects all life on earth and how each of us can play a part in reducing pollution and preserving the seaside we love.

To donate to the Wendy Tefft Fund and have your contribution matched dollar-for-dollar in March or April, please click here or call Nichole Rutherford, Vice President at Seacoast Science Center, at 603-436-8043. 

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