Explore the Shore: Odiorne Point State Park and the Seacoast Science Center

Posted on February 8, 2019

by Emma Carey | Program Assistant

Feeling cooped up this winter? The New Hampshire seacoast is a great place to explore all year round, not just in the summer. Come snowshoe, cross country ski, or simply wander through the seven unique habitats, rich history, and vibrant biodiversity within Odiorne Point State Park in Rye!


At the Seacoast Science Center, which is open year ’round, there are many friendly neighbors who embrace the cold weather, including white-tailed deer, groundhogs, rabbits, red-tailed hawks, and even, occasionally, snowy owls.

Venture through the woods and look for signs of wildlife in the snow, such as tracks and scat.

Take a peek at the park’s freshwater pond to see if any ice has crystalized. You can even make the trek to Frost Point to watch the waves crash along the jetty, and you may be able to spot an “ice” seal, like the harp seal shown here, visiting from the Arctic!

The winter landscape brings new surprises at Odiorne Point. Without the summer foliage, vantage points to the ocean abound, and one of the best places to admire the surf is from the top of the World War II bunkers. The snow creates a beautiful backdrop to a deep blue ocean which, more often than not, is very peaceful this time of year. Walking the trails, see if you can find the dolphin fountain, the fisherman’s shack, or Columbus Road — all relics of times gone by — amid the snow drifts.  Along the rocky shore, there are still crabs and sea snails to be found, although you may need your boots, as they venture into slightly deeper waters during this time of year. 

No matter where you turn, there is something new to be seen along the New Hampshire coastline this winter. Around here, the nourishing beauty of water cannot be ignored!


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Seacoast Science Center will be CLOSED today: Friday, April 5, 2024. Our utilities are currently down and need to get repaired before we are able to open for visitors. Thank you for your understanding. 

CLOSED today.

Seacoast Science Center is closed today due to inclement weather.