The Secret Life of Seals

A Webinar with Atlantic Marine Conservation Society and SSC Marine Mammal Rescue.


Are the seals we see in New England the same animals that can be found off New York? Seals are some of the most familiar marine mammals in the Northwest Atlantic, yet we know surprisingly little about their lives under the ocean’s surface. 

This past winter, Seacoast Science Center teamed up with Rob Digiovanni, Founder and Chief Scientist at Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, to satellite tag harbor seal #087. Since then, this little guy has motored from Portland, ME all the way south to Nantucket, MA. In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the tracking data that Rob has been collecting since the 1990’s, including why it’s important, what it tells us about seal populations in this region, and what questions Rob and his team at AWCS are working to answer today! 



Robert A. DiGiovanni, Jr.
Founder and Chief Scientist
Atlantic Marine Conservation Society

Photo credit Rob DiGiovanni Jr. Permit # 15575


Ashley Stokes
Seacoast Science Center
Marine Mammal Rescue Manager


Brian Yurasits
Seacoast Science Center
Marine Mammal Rescue Community Outreach Manager

Seacoast Science Center works as a part of the Greater Atlantic Marine Mammal Stranding Network, which includes our partners at Atlantic Marine Conservation Society in New York. All network partners work together to successfully respond to, rehabilitate, and collect data on marine mammals in this region. 


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