Gray Seals: Conservation & Fisheries

A webinar featuring a diverse group of marine mammal and fisheries experts. 


Following their near extirpation from New England’s waters, the recovery of gray seals is both a conservation success and a new challenge for fisheries in the Atlantic Ocean. Join our panel of experts for an important conversation about how fisheries are working to co-exist with the results of wildlife conservation efforts.

Federal protections on marine mammals have allowed some species, like gray seals, to resume their historical role in the ecosystem. However, with the rebound of gray seals, two key issues have emerged: bycatch and depredation. The story of gray seals and the fishing industry requires collaboration between scientists and fishermen, to develop innovative and realistic solutions to these new challenges.

With a diverse set of perspectives, experts from the fields of marine mammal and fisheries research, and the commercial fishing industry will be joining together to explain bycatch and depredation, while sharing proposed solutions to help protect both an industry, and an iconic species. 

Watch here, or join us on SSC Marine Mammal Rescue Facebook or SSC YouTube to ask questions and provide feedback. 


Ashley Stokes
Seacoast Science Center
Marine Mammal Rescue Director

Dr. Andrea Bogomolni
Interdisciplinary Community Scientist

Owen Nichols
Center for Coastal Studies
Director of Marine Fisheries Research

Doug Feeney
(with Owen Nichols)
Commercial Fisherman

Get Involved

If you would like to get involved with research on gray seals and fisheries in New England, please contact: 

Owen Nichols, [email protected]
Director of Marine Fisheries Research at the Center for Coastal Studies

Dr. Andrea Bogomolni, [email protected]
Seal Research Program Lead at the Shoals Marine Laboratory


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