Harbor Porpoise

Weanling Season in Full Swing!

Weanling season is here! The last few days have kept our team very busy, with 4 live weanling harbor seals. These are seals that were just born a few weeks ago and are newly weaned from mom and trying to figure out life on their own. With both rehabilitation facilities at capacity at

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North Beach Harbor Porpoise

Yesterday afternoon, our Marine Mammal Rescue Team responded to a recently deceased weanling harbor porpoise on North Beach. This calf was very small and emaciated, therefore it likely died as a result of failure to thrive after weaning from its mom.
Remember, if you spot any marine mammal on the beach, dead or alive, please call our

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Harbor Porpoise and Year-to-Date Update

On Sunday, May 1st, we responded to a call about a deceased harbor porpoise on a Salisbury, MA beach. The emaciated male weanling was picked up and transported him to the New England Aquarium’s Quincy facility for necropsy (autopsy for animals). It is likely that the young porpoise passed from failure to thrive.
Species breakdown

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