Win a Sailboat

This beautifully crafted, handmade kit-boat is perfect for beginner sailors. Enter the raffle for a chance to win the Oyster River Cat Sailboat while supporting our mission to inspire the conservation of our Blue Planet.

Enter to win an Oyster River Cat Sailboat!

All raffle ticket sale proceeds directly support Seacoast Science Center. 

The Oyster River Cat

The Oyster Cat sail boat, donated to SSC for raffle.This beautifully crafted, handmade kit-boat is perfect for beginner sailors or anyone who seeks a low-tech adventure on the water. The Oyster River Cat sailboat has an overall length of 11’ 4” with a beam of 5’ (width at its widest point).

The draft is 30” with the dagger board down, less than 6” with it up. The wide beam and flat bottom make it very stable. It easily carries two adults or even three when rowing. The spars are solid spruce. The 60 sq. ft. sail in a Gunter configuration makes her a sprightly sailer.

Sailboat constructed is marine grade 1⁄4” plywood over 5/8” plywood frames and transom. The fastenings are stainless and bronze. Modern adhesives, fiberglass, and epoxy virtually assure watertight integrity. The hull weighs about 120 pounds and can be transported car-top, in a pickup, or on a small trailer. The floorboards and sail rig, which are removable and shorter than the boat, are easily stored in the boat or separately.

Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. Raffle will run through August 1, 2024. 

All proceeds benefit Seacoast Science Center and its mission to spark curiosity, enhance understanding, and inspire the conservation of our Blue Planet. This brand-new sailboat was generously donated by a family who are friends of SSC for the purpose of raising funds to support its mission.

How To Get Your New Boat Home

Sailboat must be picked up; delivery is not included.

Trailer is not included.

Lessons, oars, and life jackets are not included.

The boat fits in the bed of a pickup truck, on a small trailer, or even on top of a car with a roof rack.

To transport by car top you will need a pair of 5ft-long 2×4’s tied to the roof rack to span the beam (width) of the boat.

With the floorboards, seat, and spars removed (no tools required), the boat is light enough for two adults to carry and/or lift.


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