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The Seacoast Science Center is the perfect destination for scout groups interested in learning about science and nature.

The Seacoast Science Center is the perfect destination for scout groups interested in learning about science and nature. Center programs offer hands-on activities that serve as introductory or wrap-up lessons to complement in-depth merit badge projects.

Located in Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH, there are seven different natural habitats and 135 acres to explore. Inside the Center, live animal and interpretive exhibits reinforce learning. With a wide variety of topics, habitats, and program formats to choose from, your troop’s visit to the Seacoast Science Center will prove to be an exciting educational experience that scouts will remember for years to come.

Indoor and Outdoor programs are available throughout the year. We can also deliver a live virtual field program to your troop’s meeting via video conference. All you need is a computer with a camera and microphone, and a screen to project the program. All programs can be altered to meet the needs of any age group, size, time frame, or budget.

Download our Programs for Scout Groups Brochure.

Prices are based on a group size of 15 students. See per person fee for additional students.

Our Programs

Daisies–Juniors & Cub Scouts

Grades K-5


Woods Walk

2 hours; $195 ($13pp addt’l)

Walk the trails, explore the Park, and take advantage of all of the teachable moments in the woods including tracks, bugs, birds, and plants that can be found here. Talk about the history of the park and find remnants of old houses and bunkers from WWII. Participants will build forts to learn about animal shelters and survival techniques!

Rocky Shore Exploration

2 hours; $195 ($13pp addt’l)

This introduction to the diverse and dynamic rocky shore habitat will excite and inspire your scouts. The program begins with a mini-lesson on the unique ecology of the rocky shore intertidal zones, followed by a naturalist-led tide pooling session. Participants will learn how to best observe, identify, and classify organisms through guided exploration.

Save a Seal

1 hour; $150 ($10pp addt’l)

Seals come on to the beach to rest and soak up the sun. Yet, what happens when a seal is in distress and in need of rescue? Students will learn all about the common species of the Gulf of Maine, find out how our Marine Mammal Rescue Team responds to seals on the beach, and perform a mock rescue. Student will earn a “seal of approval” after learning how to protect marine mammals.

Art in Nature

1 hour; $150 ($10pp addt’l)
Learn and create! This program introduces scouts to the importance of nature and conservation. Participants will create artwork with nature and discuss how important conservation efforts are for our environment.


Blue Stewards Badge Program

2 hours ; $270 ($18pp addt’l)

Scouts become Blue Stewards during this program that focuses on nature and conservation. This program lets you create your own adventure, and will enhance scout’s time spent at the Seacoast Science Center by encouraging critical thinking. Learn about some of the challenges that face marine life on a daily basis, and become an advocate for the ocean and all of its inhabitants. Explore our exhibits and park in a whole new way by completing our Badge Program Handbook, and dive deeper into two topics of your choice:

Climate Change, Ocean Acidification, and Invasive Species
Through hands-on activities, learn more about these human-induced changes to our ocean, and ways that we can help.

Learn about the seven distinctly different habitats in Odiorne Point State Park, and the different adaptations that animals have evolved in response to their environment.

Ocean Exploration
Discover how scientists are exploring the deepest depths of the ocean by using remotely operated vehicles and sonar mapping, and try your hand at designing your own ROV.

Food Webs
Find out how all of the creatures of the rocky shore are connected through what they eat. Think about the food that you eat, and how you are intertwined in your own food web.

Learn about the whales found right outside our doors in the Gulf of Maine. Scouts will discover the anatomy, migratory routes, and behavioral patterns of local whales, and take a closer look at Tofu the whale.

Find out what makes a fish a fish and learn how their shape and size help them survive in the wild. Discover how we can promote sustainable fisheries.

Take a walk around Odiorne State Park and learn more about the history of the area. Find out more about the Native Americans, European settlers, fisherman, local families and military that
came before us.

Cadettes–Ambassadors & Boy Scouts

Grades 5-12


Squid Dissection

1 hour; $150 ($10pp addt’l)

Come learn about the anatomy and life history of squid. During this program, scouts will participate in a squid dissection where they will learn about the form and function of each body part and find and write with the ink sac.

The Changing Ocean

1 hour; $150 ($10pp addt’l)

The ocean is constantly changing. In this program, participants will learn about what is causing these changes, how scientists observe these shifts, and use actual data sets to predict trends. Participants will learn how increased atmospheric CO2 emissions are altering the seawater carbonate system and decreasing the pH of the ocean’s surface waters. Participants will gain an understanding of why the Gulf of Maine is one of the most productive ecosystems in the world and of how it is constantly changing due to temperature, salinity, and human impacts. In addition, students will explore the links between changing ocean chemistry and human activity, and consider how the health of the ocean affects human health.

A Whale of a Program

1 hour; $150 ($10pp addt’l)

Stop! Look! It’s a skeleton! There’s the rib cage, vertebrae, a skull… There are an amazing number of anatomical similarities between marine mammal species and humans. Using real seal and dolphin bones, students will “reconstruct” skeletons to determine the species and learn about bone form and function.

Habitat Exploration

2 hours; $195 ($10pp addt’l)

Odiorne Point State Park has seven different natural habitats to explore. Hike the trails and explore the freshwater pond, salt marsh, rocky shore and woodland habitats to see what species of animals and plants you can find. Compare and contrast the habitats and learn the importance of each one to our ecosystems.

Scout Night at the Museum

Grades 5-12


We’ll create an experience to fulfill your troop’s goals.

4-10pm; $375 ($25pp addt’l)

Enjoy all of the programs you would like at night. Explore the park, tide pools and exhibit hall in the dark. Your night at the museum will include ocean programming, nature hike, night tide pooling. Pizza dinner will be provided.


Badge Requirements

Our programming may fulfill some of following badge requirements:


Boy Scouts

Environmental science

  • Defining terms (habitat conservation, pollution
    prevention, non-point source, etc)
  • Discuss “ecosystem”
  • Waterborne pollutant effects on aquatic life
  • Career opportunities in environmental science

Fish and Wildlife Management

  • Problems that threaten fish and wildlife resources
  • Fish and wildlife management practices
  • Practical ways everyone can help with the fish and
    wildlife conservation effort
  • Observe wildlife
  • Non-native species management practices

Mammal Study

  • Defining mammals


  • Food chain
  • Identify species (mollusks, crustaceans, birds, plants)
  • Oceanography
  • Visit a marine aquarium
  • Ways that marine scientists investigate the ocean,
    underlying geology, and organisms living in the water


  • Discuss the impact plastic waste has on the environment (land, water, air)
  • Climate Change – three factors that scientists believe
    affect the global weather and temperature
  • Career opportunities in the sustainability field

Girl Scouts

Animal Habitats

  • Find out about wild animals
  • Investigate an animal habitat
  • Help protect animal habitats


  • Have fun reflecting on your relationship with water
  • Find out about water issues
  • Explore water solutions
  • Educate and inspire

Outdoor Adventurer

  • Explore nature
  • Care for the outdoors
  • Play outdoors in a new way (night program)
  • Buddy up and play outdoor games

Night Owl

  • Take a field trip to explore the night
  • Tour your world after dark
  • Explore nature at night

Voice for Animals

  • Investigate animals used for science
  • Explore animals in husbandry

Animal Helpers

  • Explore the connection between humans and animals


To schedule a program:

Contact Emma at 603-436-8043, ext. 17 or [email protected]

Our Registrar will make sure you have all of the information you need to make the most of your visit. When you receive your invoice please be sure all dates and times are correct. Your invoice is the formal confirmation that your program is scheduled. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Please read all confirmation materials and communicate the information to your group. Full payment is required before your program begins.


Cancellation Policy

Programs are taught rain or shine. If SSC cancels a program and is unable to reschedule, you will be fully refunded. If you cancel a program 20 business days prior to your program date, you will receive a 50% refund. “No shows” and cancellations made fewer than 20 business days prior will not receive a refund.

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