On-site Field Trips

With 7 distinctly different habitats right outside our doors, and live animal and interpretive exhibits to enhance learning, a field trip to SSC will be a memorable highlight of your students’ school year! 

Eager to get your feet wet in the tidepools, save a seal, or taste some salty glasswort? Sign up now to participate in one (or more) of SSC’s on-site programs! Each session is led by a Seacoast Science Center naturalist who will ensure that your program excites and engages each student and aligns with your class’s learning goals.

When you book your program, we will also schedule a time for your group to explore the exhibits at the Seacoast Science Center. Visits to our facility will be limited to 2 groups, or 30 students, per hour.

Virtual Field Trips are also available, featuring live, naturalist-led programs, delivered to your classroom or student’s homes via a gated connection. Learn more about Virtual Field Trips.


Rocky Shore Exploration

1 or 1.5 hour outdoor program
$125 for 1 hour; $150 for 1.5 hour
Maximum number per group: 15

This introduction to the diverse and dynamic rocky shore habitat will excite and inspire your students. The program begins with a lesson on the unique ecology of the rocky shore intertidal zones, followed by a tide pooling session. Students will learn how to best observe, identify, and classify organisms through guided exploration. Educators receive the Rocky Shore Exploration Teacher’s Guide to assist with field trip planning and classroom activities.

Save a Seal

1 hour outdoor program
$125 per group
Maximum number per group: 15

Seals come up onto the beach to rest and soak up the sun. Yet, what happens when a seal is in distress and in need of rescue? In this interactive program, students will learn all about the common seal species of the Gulf of Maine, and learn how to protect marine mammals. They will find out how our Marine Mammal Rescue Team responds to seals on the beach, become an honorary team member, and perform a mock rescue or investigation.

School of Hard Rocks

1 hour outdoor program
$125 per group
Maximum number per group: 15

Odiorne is the ideal spot to make the study of geology come alive for your students. This program begins with an illustration of the rock formation cycle and tectonic plate movement. Students will learn how to identify rocks at outdoor stations, then head to the rocky shoreline to examine unique rock formations of Odiorne Point State Park, and see evidence of glacial activity.

Salt Marsh Exploration

1.5 hour outdoor program
$150 per group
Maximum number per group: 15

The salt marsh is a unique ecosystem situated between land and sea that serves as a nursery, sponge, filter, food source, and migratory safe haven for animals and humans alike. Students will be introduced to this important ecosystem by visiting the marsh of Odiorne Point State Park where they will experience the salt marsh up close. Students will use science skills and practices to investigate the salt marsh and its inhabitants. Lines of inquiry include adaptations, energy cycling, values, interdependence, history and human impact.

To Schedule Your Program

Please fill out the Inquiry Form by clicking the button below and we will get back to you ASAP.  Or, you can contact Amanda at [email protected] directly to schedule your program. Once booked, we will make sure you have all of the information you need to make the most of your program.

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Please read all confirmation materials and communicate the information to participating teachers.

Full payment is required before your program begins.

Cancellation Policy: All programs are delivered rain or shine. Severe weather such as thunder and lightning will result in program cancellation and rescheduling. If you cancel a program 20 business days prior to your program date, you will receive a 50% refund. “No shows” and cancellations made fewer than 20 business days prior will not receive a refund.

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