Marine Science Fellowship

Are you a high school student interested in the marine sciences? Join us for a learning experience that goes far beyond the traditional classroom!

The Marine Science Fellowship is a semester-long marine science field and research learning opportunity for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. The course provides students with an introduction to marine biology and marine science, hands-on field investigations, scientific inquiry skills and practices, and introduces students to local scientists, conservationists, and other career professionals in the marine sciences fields.

As a Marine Science Fellow, you will:

  • Create your own research project with the guidance of a mentor.
  • Have the opportunity to participate for one or two semesters; the second semester will allow you to explore marine science topics in greater depth and expand your research project.
  • Learn how to create and present a poster of your research findings.
  • Have the opportunity to earn credit through your school via either the New Hampshire Learn Everywhere or Extended Learning Opportunities programs.

To learn more about earning credit for this course, print the Marine Science Fellowship Program ELO Guidelines, ELO Program Design Plan, and/or the Learn Everywhere course overview and discuss the opportunity with your guidance counselor.

Spring Semester 2024 Program Details

* See schedule below.

You must have an SSC Membership valid through the program to take advantage of the member rate.

Financial Aid

It is our goal to ensure this program is available to all. If you are in need of financial assistance, please reach out to Sean at to inquire about our Coastal Education Fund.

Time Commitment

This is a 10-week course with an expected time commitment of 3-6 hours per week. The course schedule includes Saturdays from 10am to 1pm, plus additional study, project, and/or volunteer time to be conducted on your own time, as arranged with the program leader. If you are unable to make a Saturday session, you can request a make-up session. This program allows for flexible scheduling.

Course Objectives

  • To give students a greater understanding of the field of Marine Biology through inquiry, investigation, and hands-on experiences at Seacoast Science Center, and by fostering individuals’ special interests.
  • To expose students to a range of careers in marine biology and ecology, and provide opportunities for them to engage with visiting professionals.
  • To engage the students in research and presentation skills and techniques they will be able to use in their continued studies or profession.
  • To educate students about the impact they have on the ocean, the challenges facing our climate, and how they can contribute to a sustainable and healthy ocean.

How to Apply

Students must submit an application and letter of interest by January 27, 2024 to be considered for participation in the program. Please be advised that space is limited to 15 students.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email Sean McKenna at

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made prior to two weeks before the program begins receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given after that time.

Spring 2024 Semester Course Outline

Week 1, February 3: The Gulf of Maine, SSC, and Odiorne Point State Park
Week 2, February 10: Introduction to project and research ideas
Week 3, February 17: Marine Bioacoustics
Week 4, March 2: Ocean Chemistry
Week 5, March 16: What’s next? How to get involved and college programs.
Week 6, March 23: Marine Physiology
Week 7, April 13: Marine Geology and Beach Profiling
Week 8, May 4: Animal Behavior
Week 9, May 11: Makeup class (kayaking/project)
Week 10, May 18: Kayaking
Sunday, June 2: Research Project Presentations/Science Symposium

Marine Science Fellowship Outstanding Achievement Award

Seacoast Science Center will confer one Marine Science Fellowship Outstanding Achievement Award to an SSC Marine Science Fellowship student each year. This award will go to an individual who consistently exceeds expectations, goes above and beyond, and is actively working toward pursuing further education and/or exploration in the marine science or environmental science fields. The Marine Science Fellowship Outstanding Achievement Award includes a prize of $1000, which may go toward further education (books, computer materials, etc.) and/or exploration of the marine science or environmental science fields through certifications, field experiences or coursework.

You must apply for this award to be considered. Applications and letters of recommendation must be submitted by midnight on May 25, 2024.

My experience in the Fellows program helped bring deeper understanding and clarity to my path. The focus of my research project was on pollution in the ocean and I wrote a literary review that will be the basis for my senior project, which is to design a submersible device to collect plastic marine debris. My hope is to help restore ocean health and inspire others to do so as well.
Kiersten Card
SSC Marine Fellow graduate

Program Sponsor

The Marine Science Fellowship program is generously sponsored by Delta Dental.

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