Our Exhibits

Get up close and personal with the fascinating creatures that live just outside our doors. Learn about whales and other marine mammals of the Gulf of Maine and about the work we do to protect them. Discover the wonders of our Blue Planet and how you can help protect it.


Opening January 18, 2020: Two all-new, custom-built exhibitions!


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Restoring Reefs

The Plan

Restoring Reefs will help visitors understand the important role reefs play and recognize how we all must take steps to preserve reef health.

  • 1,000 sq. ft. Custom-Built Immersive Exhibition
  • 12’ Living Reef Habitat Tank showcasing healthy and stressed reef habitats
  • Nemo’s World Clown Fish Tank
  • NH Oyster Story with Live Oyster Tank
  • Interactive Video Encyclopedia on Reefs
  • Reefs In-the-News display
  • Colorful Language imaginative activity station


NH Beaches

The Plan

NH Beaches will inspire conservation of our Blue Planet, motivating all to protect the place they enjoy for recreation and respite. 

  • 800 sq. ft. custom-built immersive exhibition
  • 12’ imaginative play Shared Spaces Sand Table
  • 12’ Wave Action Tank with changeable coastline features
  • Tide Cycles Interactive Video display
  • Pollution on our Beaches display
  • Happy Place community-sourced mural
  • Hands-on Pollution Game

Our Programs

Whether you choose to explore on your own or participate in a visitor or group program, our naturalists are always ready to guide you on your learning adventure.