Wildlife Tracks

Time for tracking! With winter in New England comes a lot of wet weather—perfect for tracking animals right in our backyards! Squishy mud and fluffy snow provide the perfect surfaces for pawprints to be left behind, and we can also be on the lookout for scat and other signs that wildlife have been travelling through. Ready to become a nature detective? Learn some tracking tips from Daryn in the Signs of Wildlife and Tracking video below.

Then, grab some identification cards for your area (NH Fish and Game’s Tracking ID and Scat ID cards), head outside with this Tracking Tracks Activity (there is a PDF version below for download) and see what you can discover!

For more help identifying animal signs, download one of these apps: Critter Trax, iTrack Wildlife, [lINK IS UNSUPPORTED] or Scats & Tracks of North America.


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