What’s a Watershed?

A diagram of the watershed process

Have you ever heard someone say “all rivers lead to the ocean?” Most of the time, this is true. No matter where you live, you live in a watershed, or an area of land that collects water into one place. You can think of the Earth like a bunch of small crooked bowls created by mountains, and wherever the bottom of the bowl is, that is where the most water ends up within the watershed. The ocean is like a bathtub underneath all of the bowls that collects any water that overflows from the watersheds. Learn more about watersheds from PBS’s Curious Kids, and find out which watershed you live in at USGS.

Now it’s time to get wet! Head outside in order to find out how water flows in your driveway in our Watershed Experiment. Where did your water go?

Humans can have an affect on the health of the watershed. All of the water within a watershed is connected. Pollutants such as trash and chemicals get washed into streams by rain, eventually flowing down into one body of water. Try Home Science Tools’ Water Pollution Experiment to learn more about how humans can impact watersheds. Keep our oceans clean by keeping your watershed clean!


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