Sprouting Seeds

pencil on top of open notebook Have you ever measured your height, or compared your baby clothes to the clothes you wear today? It is fun to think about how much we have grown over time. Now, take a look out your window. Can you see any plants? All of those plants started as just tiny seeds. For a giant tree, that’s a lot of growing! To learn more about how this happens, take a look at the SciShow Kids video, How Does a Seed Become a Plant?

Knowing how fast plants grow can help scientists to predict how entire forests will develop over time. Measuring the growth of plants is also a great way to practice our observation skills. Become a plant scientist, and try out this Grow Your Own Plants activity! 

Need a container for your plant? Try making your own pot using this Simple Newspaper Plant Pots activity. Would you rather draw your plant then measure it? A Nature Journal is a great tool to make more detailed sketches and notes.


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