paintbrush painting a snowflake Ever think of becoming an artist? Photography is one type of art that requires a lot of scientific knowledge both about the tools used to capture photos and the things that you are photographing. Taking pictures of tiny snowflakes is quite a challenge, but can also have beautiful results. Dive into the history of snowflake photography at InsideScience, and see some of the most recent snowflake artwork by Nathan Myhrvold at DPReview.

Snowflakes are some of nature’s most beautiful works of art. They have radial symmetry just like sea stars and many flowers, and always have six sides because of the way water molecules are shaped. Want to learn more about the artistry of snowflakes, and how they are made? SciShow paints the picture!

Now it’s your turn! Grow your own snowflake crystals with this Snowflake Craft.


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