Shapes in Nature

seahorse tail To celebrate the ocean, we challenge you to match sea shapes with shapes in your yard or neighborhood! Have you ever noticed that some things in nature are similar shapes? For instance, the shape of a butterfly’s wings might look similar to the petals of a flower, or the shape of your hand might resemble a maple leaf. Start with our Backyard Ocean Shapes Scavenger Hunt, and then let your imagination run wild! What additional patterns, shapes, and textures can you find in and around your home that resemble ocean life? What do they remind you of? We’d love to see what you find! Feel free to send any of your discoveries to

Ready to dive deeper? Biologists look at the similarities and differences in shape, size, and behavior of plants and animals all the time! By comparing and contrasting, scientists can find out whether two species are closely related or not. If two living things look similar, but are not at all related, we call it convergent evolution. To learn more about this phenomenon, check out this 2 Minute Classroom Video!

For more examples of repeating shapes and patterns, head to Patterns in Nature Facts for Kids.


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