Seaweed Pressing*

Have you ever done a leaf rubbing? By taking a closer look at textures and shapes, you can make close observations about different types of leaves and identify the trees that are in your surrounding area.

Seaweed printing is another fun way to experience the world around you, while also learning about the algae along your local coastline. From large sugar kelp, to small irish moss, the seaweed we have in the Gulf of Maine has a wide range in sizes, textures, shapes, and colors! What types of seaweed can you find? Check out the seaweed printing guide below to make your very own creations!

We’d love to see your creations! To share them with us, email your designs to Emma at

*This art project will require you to visit the ocean to collect seaweed from a local beach or tidal area. We would like to remind you that when collecting, only a few pieces of seaweed will go a long way. There is no need to collect more than a few pieces. In fact, taking too much seaweed could potentially harm the complex rocky shore ecosystem! Another friendly reminder that there is no collecting allowed of any kind at any state beach, including Odiorne Point State Park.


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