Seaweed on the Seashore

Sometimes seaweed gets a bad rap! It can be slippery, slimy, and even smelly! But algae is awesome! It is able to thrive along the dynamic rocky shore and is a crucial part of the intertidal ecosystem. Seaweed grows all along the New Hampshire coast, providing food and hiding spots for many rocky shore animals.

In this video, SSC Naturalist Daryn challenges you to find three different species of seaweeds. (Please note: NH beaches are currently closed to help support social distancing. Please check town and state regulations before heading to the beach.)

In the meantime, we challenge you to check out the local species in the Rocky Shore Plants PDF below, and to make some sketches or biological illustrations of your favorites. Try labeling or coloring and send your favorites in to if you would like us to post them on social media!

Want to find out the names of more seaweed species? Check out our Seaweed Word Search  and What is a Seaweed pages for more fun facts.

Challenge: Do you think you can find items in your household that contain seaweed? Hint: check out What is a Seaweed to find out what carrageenan is, what it is used for, and which items may contain it.


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