Sea Urchins

What’s spiny, slow, and loves to eat seaweed? The sea urchin! The sea urchin belongs to a family of animals called echinoderms. The Atlantic Purple Sea Urchin is one local example of these special animals. They can be scary looking and some species even have toxic spines, but they play an important role in controlling algal growth. “How?” you might ask — by eating it! Check out this Atlantic Purple Sea Urchin video to see this creature in action.

Do you know what creatures like to eat urchin? Sea otters, hermit crabs, many fish, and even people can be sea urchin’s predators! These spiny animals make their homes along the rocky shore and throughout many parts of the one world ocean. For more information on these animals with no blood, no brains and no bones, check out Sea Urchin Facts. ( Then, try out this sea urchin Jigsaw Puzzle that features the green sea urchin, the species that we see along the New Hampshire coast.


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