Sea Stars!

An adaptation is a body part or a behavior that helps a living thing survive in its environment. For example, humans have adapted to walk on two legs so that we can use our hands for other things. Animals that live on the rocky shore, like the sea star, use adaptations to survive the harsh and constantly changing rocky shore environment. Some of these adaptations even seem made up! With no blood, no brains, and no bones, the sea star has some awesome adaptations, like having two stomachs, that help it hunt and hide in the rocky shore! Join Henry Burke, Director of Programs, to learn more and get a close-up view:

Now it’s your turn! We challenge you to make up your own creatures, complete with adaptations, that are perfect for living on the rocky shore: Create-a-Critter

Want to learn more about adaptations? Create-A-Critter-Advanced is a lesson that explores biotic and abiotic elements of a habitat and the adaptations that enable animals to live there.


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