Rock Mandalas

Let’s make a mandala rock painting! Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle, and is a popular art form that incorporates balance and symmetry. With roots in many cultures, mandala making can be a way to focus, meditate, and relax. Want to try making your own mandala? Perhaps you already have a smooth rock or you can find one in your yard that is perfect for a special mandala! This Mandala Rock Painting guide shows us how to make a symmetrical design using simple dots.

rock with colorful painted dots on it

Radial symmetry is one of the principles of mandala design – each section of the circle is the same as every other section, like pieces of pie. Radial symmetry can be found in sea stars, in flowers like tulips, and even snowflakes. Bilateral symmetry is another type of symmetry. Imagine folding something in half and the two halves are the same as each other- this object is now bilaterally symmetrical. Go to Symmetry Scavenger Hunt to find some different examples of symmetry in your world!


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