Odiorne’s Military History

battery gun During WWII the Federal Government determined that Odiorne Point was a critical location to build a naval defense base to protect Portsmouth Harbor. This spot, now 135-acre Odiorne Point State Park and where the Seacoast Science Center sits today, was transformed into Fort Dearborn! Before that time, landowners, like the Sugden family, were given only 30 days to vacate their homes. Soon after, the construction of large concrete bunkers and gun mounts began. It is here where soldiers bravely protected our coastline against enemy vessels.

Create your own fleet to protect your grounds with the fun game below while practicing your coordinate graphing skills. May the best captain win!

Fun Fact: The Stone Sugden House, which is is now part of Seacoast Science Center, was a beautiful summer home to the Sugden family, served as officers’ quarters for the coastal defense force at Fort Dearborn during WWII, was a residence for the manager of the state park, and was the Russell B. Tobey Visitor Center at Odiorne Point State Park before reopening as part of Seacoast Science Center in 1992.

Want to learn more about Odiorne Point State Park’s rich history? Stop by SSC for a visit and try out our DIY History Hunt!


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