Nature Journaling

A journal can be a place to write down our thoughts and feelings about what is happening in our lives. A nature journal can be a great place to take notes or make observations about what you see, hear, and feel as you explore outside. By adding sketches, descriptions, and mixed media to your nature notebook, you can find new ways to reflect on the natural world around you, even from inside your living room. Check out Nature Journal Instructions for directions on how to make your own nature journal. Or, for a different nature journal format, watch Big Fish Little Fish instructor Emily make her own nature notebook here:

Once you have created your own unique nature journal, it’s time to start filling it up! Check out these Nature Journal Prompts for some ideas on how to get started!

Remember, your nature journal is just for you! It doesn’t have to be beautiful, but instead should have great descriptions of the world around you, so that you can look back and see all of the great things you noticed, thought, and wondered about. For one parent’s first hand account of using nature journals with her children take a look at How We Montessori’s blog post


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