Hermit Crabs

What is small, scuttles sideways, and stays in a snail shell? A hermit crab of course! Hermit crabs can be found all along the coast of New Hampshire, along the rocky shore, on sandy beaches, and even in the salt marsh! Some animals can only live in one type of habitat, and so we call them specialists, but hermit crabs have adapted to live in many different habitats, so we call them generalists. In every habitat, hermit crabs rely on snail shells that they find on the ocean floor in order to protect their soft bodies. Learn more about the hermit crabs found in New England from naturalist Daryn in the video below.

To learn about more species of hermit crabs all around the world, head to National Geographic.

Now it’s your turn! Create your own hermit crabs, and design some shells for their homes using this Hermit Crab Match Activity!

Bonus: Storytime! Ready to cozy up with a good book? Grab a blanket and listen to Emma’s reading of A House for Hermit Crab by Eric Carle!


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