Food Chains and Food Webs

There are many different ways in which organisms interact. A food chain is a series of organisms that are connected through nutrients and energy — in other words, they eat each other! Food chains are natural and essential to life as they help regulate the population of plants and animals and ensure living things in an ecosystem all get ample amounts of food.

As the discovery of life evolved, scientists found that simple food chains don’t fully illustrate the complex pictures of ecosystems, so food webs were designed. Food webs represent the real world more accurately as they depict the relationships between organisms in a more realistic way. In a food web, arrows point from an organism that is eaten to the organism that eats it. Follow the trail of arrows to see the full process! Try it out our Food Web Activity and make your own food web!

Want to do some more research? Click the video below for more information and examples about food chains explained by naturalist Daryn! For even more information about food chains and webs visit Khan Academy for a deeper explanation and more in depth vocabulary.


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