Flower Sequence Sketch

Ready to pull out your nature journal again? Scientists use their nature journals to record detailed observations of the world around them. The spring season reminds us that nature is always evolving, growing, and changing, but by recording what we see, we can take a snapshot of a moment in time.

Take a closer look at the flowering plants in your backyard. Do they all look the same? Are they all in the same stage of their flowering life? Try out this Flower Sequence Sketch activity to test out your keen eye, and observe like a scientist! Create simple drawings, or, if you are feeling inspired, create a whole flower art exhibition! Some of the most famous pieces of artwork throughout history featured flowers, as they represent new life. Learn more about flowers in art history at My Modern Met’s website.

Bonus: Our resident box turtle, Raspberry, loves spring as well – dandelion greens are some of his favorite vegetables. One of our members created a coloring sheet of everyone’s favorite box turtle. Take a look at this awesome Raspberry Coloring Sheet!


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