FBI Detectives

It has been a wet week, at least here in New Hampshire, and all of our melted snow, rain, and warm days create a great environment to find one of the FBIs — fungus! Check out this video to learn more about FBI’s (Fungus, Bacteria, and Insects) and why they are important to our ecosystems.

Time for your nature challenge! If you can, head out on a woods walk to see what FBI’s you can find in your neighborhood forests. Remember to leave no trace when out in nature, and keep the woods the way you found them.

How many different colored fungi can you find? What is the biggest bug you see? How about the smallest? If you have a nature notebook, bring it with you and draw what you observe.

Just like when we tide pool on the rocky shore, try lifting up a rock and watching for a few seconds! By being patient and looking for movement we can find more insect friends. Remember to put the rock back when you are done peeking, and only touch what you know is safe.

Alternative Option: If you can’t head outside, go on an indoor nature hunt! Can you see any fungi from your window? Are any insects taking shelter in your house? You may even be able to find FBI’s in your refrigerator that are supposed to be there! Foods like yogurt and miso soup have bacteria that help you to digest food. Tip: Look for “Live Active Cultures” in the ingredients. To learn more about bacteria and other microbes in your body, take a look at Arizona State University’s Microbes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly virtual story.

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