Everything you need to know to dip your toes in the tide pools!

child looking at tide pool with adults

Tide pools are found just outside Seacoast Science Center’s doors, along the rocky shore in Odiorne Point State Park.

Follow these steps to plan a safe and fun tide pool adventure! Remember to always check the local tide charts before heading out to explore these pools, as they are only exposed during low tide.

#1 Head down to the rocks with Daryn in this video below to see what animals and algae you might find on your adventure!

#2 Excited to get your feet wet? Grab our tide pooling adventure cards and get ready to make a splash on the shore. Be sure to review the animal species guide, locations recommendations and bring along the tide pool scavenger hunt to add a little fun and competition to your trip.

#3 Last but not least, our naturalists are happy to share their tips and tricks for a safe tide pooling adventure. Review our tide pool Explore the Rocky Shore: Tide Pool Preparation video below before you head down to the rocks!

#4 Want to test your knowledge of the tide pool? Try out the Seaweed Scavenger Hunt and hunt for seaweed in your own home! Or share the cool animal and algae adaptations you saw on your tide pooling adventure with the adaptations activity. Were there any other cool or strange adaptations you noticed?

#5 Now that you’re a tide pool expert, visit our Virtual Tide Pool to learn more about your favorite tide pool creatures and you can “visit” the tide pools anytime! You can even create your own tide pool animal to add with this fun Create-A-Critter activity.

Happy World Ocean Day!


Seacoast Science Center will be CLOSED today: Friday, April 5, 2024. Our utilities are currently down and need to get repaired before we are able to open for visitors. Thank you for your understanding. 

CLOSED today.

Seacoast Science Center is closed today due to inclement weather.