Egg Drop Challenge

broken egg Have you ever wondered how birds and fish protect their eggs from cracking or breaking? Bird nests can be made out of feathers, dried grasses, mud, moss, sticks, and some birds even use their own spit! The nest of a bald eagle can weigh up to three tons! Some birds, like the burrowing owl, even build their nests in the ground in order to prevent their eggs from falling and breaking. To learn more about some amazing bird’s nests watch SciShow’s Nest Video.

Some birds put their eggs in densely woven nests that are deep enough to protect them from wind and rain. Most nests are also sat upon by the parent birds in order to protect against predators and keep the eggs warm. If a nest is knocked out of a tree or from its resting place, the nest itself protects the eggs by adding air resistance against gravity and adding cushion for the landing. Now it’s your turn! Try our fun Egg Drop Challenge to test your skills and create a device to protect an egg from breaking.


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