Do YOU love Lumpfish too?

Close your eyes and picture a fish in your mind. Did you do it? Maybe you thought of a goldfish, with waving fins, or a clownfish, with bright colors. Well, the lumpfish is not so fancy! Lumpfish are a little wacky looking, with a bumpy body and small fins, but this unassuming fish plays an important role in salmon farming. Join naturalist and lumpfish researcher Mike Doherty to learn more about lumpfish and their adaptations in this video:

What is a cleaner fish? Learn more about this unique relationship with salmon, and test your knowledge of mutualism here: Lumpfish: It’s a Match! 

If you thought that was cool, check out Lumpfish 101, where Ocean Matters Ltd., a company committed to promoting cleaner fish like lumpfish, share more about this symbiotic species.

Want to learn more about how animals interact in the wild? We recommend visiting Galapagos Conservation Trust’s blog for some special examples of Symbiotic Relationships


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