What’s black and orange with scales all over? Maybe a Halloween monster, or our friends the clownfish! We have four different species of clownfish at the Seacoast Science Center. Take a closer look and learn more about them from Daryn in the clownfish video below.

Clownfish are named for their unique coloration that resembles a clown’s makeup. When dressing up, we might wear costumes or makeup to look like someone or something different. Many sea animals in nature use colors and patterns to either stand out or to blend in to their surroundings. Clownfish stripes might also help them to recognize each other! Learn more about clownfish stripes at The Conversation

Want to make your own sea animal costume? Try making your own snail, jelly , or fish costume! We’d love to see them! Send your designs to and we will share them on our social media pages!

Delayed opening today.

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