Build a Boat Challenge

tin foil next to bowl and blueberries for the build a boat challenge
Oranges in an aluminum foil boat

Boats are a very important means of transportation for humans. They help us to get from one place to another, transport goods, and they are essential for scientists exploring the ocean. Have you ever wondered how boats float? There are so many different types, sizes, and shapes of boats – from a single person kayak all the way up to huge barges that can carry hundreds of people. What characteristics make for a good boat? The buoyancy of a boat is its ability to stay afloat. But what makes a boat buoyant? In this challenge, you will create your own boat, and test out how much weight it can hold.

You can learn more about buoyancy at Let’s Talk Science’s Why do Ships Float  page — or — you can find more fun facts about boats at Science for Kids’ Facts About Boats page.

Now, try out our Build a Boat Challenge. What was your ideal boat design? Challenge your parents and friends with a boat build competition. Share your results and ultimate designs withEmma, SSC Program Coordinator, at to be shared on our social media. Selfies encouraged!


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