Become a Bird Scientist

red cardinal Did you know that there is a specific name for scientists who study birds? Ornithologists look at how birds behave, how they grow, what they eat, and how they fly (or don’t fly)! Ornithologists can identify birds by the color of their feathers, the shapes of their beaks, their sizes, and even their songs! Now it’s your turn: head outside and start observing some birds to become a Bird Scientist yourself!

Ready to become a citizen scientist? After making your own bird observations, you can help other bird scientists and conservationists by adding to a community data set using easy apps like eBird. Not sure where to start? Discover the birds in your yard or garden with the help of eBird’s backyard birding tips.

Binoculars are a great tool for observing birds. They help us to focus in on a small area, and make things that are far away look closer. If you don’t have any binoculars, you can make your own with simple materials found around the house. Check out All Kids Network’s Binocular Craft for a list of materials and directions!


Delayed opening today.

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