ant on top of rock Do ants really go marching one by one? Two by two? Three by three? How many ants live together in a colony? Learn more about how ants work together to survive in this Wizz Ant Video. [VIDEO UNAVAILABLE] Not only do these tiny creatures have strength in numbers, they are also incredibly strong, and can lift 20 times their body weight. That’s like if you tried to pick up 20 of your friends at the same time! To learn more about the amazing ants found around the world, check out National Geographic Kids. Now it’s time to head outside and find some ants of your own. Scientists are always looking closely at the world around them, taking data, and asking questions. Become an ant detective, and see what you can discover using this Ant Counting Activity.


Delayed opening today.

Seacoast Science Center will open at 11am today due to inclement weather.