Animal and Plant Defenses

skunk in grass Do you ever feel scared or uneasy? How do you react? Did your body respond in a certain way? We as humans have natural defense mechanisms that help us stay safe, and other animals do too!

There are hundreds of animals that have defense mechanisms, can you think of some? Birds, reptiles, and mammals use color and patterns to disguise themselves and blend in with their surroundings. Insects have adapted markings to make them look like other insects, plants, or animals to intimidate predators. And, poisonous animals often have bright colors to warn others to stay away. All these different types of defenses help protect the animal by helping them to hide from or scare off their predators.

Now, head outside to your backyard and see if you can find any animals that use a specific defense mechanism using the Animal Defense activity sheet.

Want to learn more? Watch the National Geographic WILD video about animal defenses against predators in the wild to see, and hear about all these different kinds of animals from around the world.


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