American Lobster

Have you ever visited the Seacoast Science Center or Odiorne Point State Park and dipped your toes into our waters? If so, the cold water you immersed yourself in is the beautiful Gulf of Maine! These waters are home to the American Lobster, an infamous creature here in New England. The lobsters’ home, just like many ecosystems around us, are changing. It’s up to us as blue stewards to learn about these changes and help stop them to save our lobster friends! Watch the video below to learn more about the American Lobster and its unique adaptations to help them survive in the harsh ocean environment.

Then, check out this fun and kid-friendly animation from O’Chang Studios about the impact of global climate change on lobsters here. Once you have learned about both the American Lobster and the ‘Climate Calamity’ sign our Gulf of Maine Family Pledge and take action!


Delayed opening today.

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