Your Learning Connection #28


Your Learning Connection  |  Vol. #28  |  Celebrate Summer!





Calling all Blue Stewards! Summer is here! A Steward is someone who looks after and cares for something. BLUE STEWARDS protect the ocean and keep it healthy. Dive into these fun nature-based activities and join us in protecting and stewarding our beautiful blue planet. Happy learning and Happy Summer from SSC!



American Lobster

Have you ever visited the Seacoast Science Center or Odiorne Point State Park and dipped your toes into our waters? If so, the cold water you immersed yourself in is the beautiful Gulf of Maine! These waters are home to the American Lobster, an infamous creature here in New England. The lobsters’ home, just like many ecosystems around us, are changing. It’s up to us as blue stewards to learn about these changes and help stop them to save our lobster friends! Watch the video below to learn more about the American Lobster and its unique adaptations to help them survive in the harsh ocean environment.



Then, check out this fun and kid-friendly animation from O’Chang Studios about the impact of global climate change on lobsters here. Once you have learned about both the American Lobster and the ‘Climate Calamity’ sign our Gulf of Maine Family Pledge Gulf of Maine Family Pledge and take action! 





With Spring comes Summer and with Summer comes bugs! All different kinds of bugs and insects are out and about and ready to be investigated. Some bugs fly in the sky, some crawl in the grass, others hide under rocks and logs. Head outside for some bug hunting with this fun Bug Bingo  sheet. Children can look for bugs and insects, and learn their names. Grab a magnifying glass and let’s explore! 


Want more fun? Check out the fun video below to learn how to create a bug hotel. Don’t forget to recycle any plastics or man-made materials when you are done observing your bug friends! 



Gulf of Maine Mystery


Do you know your A, B, C’s? Are you ready for a challenge? Great, this activity will be a fun brain game for you. There is a mystery in the Gulf of Maine that needs to be solved! 

Review your local species knowledge using the Gulf of Maine Alphabet Key and use this guide to help you decode a secret message from our staff here at the Seacoast Science Center! Can you solve the Gulf of Maine Mystery? Let’s try!


Sun Prints and Nature Journaling


It’s getting hot, hot, hot! This fun Sun Print Activity is perfect for a sunny summer day. Sun printing will not only produce beautiful art, but also show you the importance of sunscreen and shade! Watch as the magic happens right before your eyes!

You can even save your sun prints in your very own Nature Journal


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