Your Learning Connection #27


Your Learning Connection  |  Vol. #27  |  Spring has Sprung!





Spring has sprung! New life is all around us and amphibians are starting to wake up and migrate. Check out our salamander hunt activity to learn how you can help amphibians stay safe this spring. Young artists will enjoy making a terrarium or beautiful dandelion art. Then, dive underwater with a SSC Naturalist in our latest short video about skates. Happy learning and Happy Spring from SSC!




Skating Around with Skates

There is a flat fish roaming our local seas and no, we are not talking about a flounder (although they are found here too)! Skates, commonly mistaken for rays, are unique fish that live on the sandy and rocky bottoms of the Gulf of Maine. They are related to sharks and have an endearing “smile” that catches visitors’ attention at the tanks inside the Seacoast Science Center. Learn more about the Little Skate (Leucoraja erinacea) from Naturalist Daryn in the Skating Around with Skates video below.




Search for Salamanders

Looking for a rainy day activity and want to help local wildlife? This is a special time of year in New England for many different species, particularly salamanders. Warming ground temperatures and rain drops are causing these amphibians to ‘awaken’ and begin their annual migration to wooded ponds and vernal pools. This incredible journey is thrilling to witness, but can be perilous. Learn more about how to help with our Search for Salamanders Activity, the Holderness Center for Wildlife Conservation’s Salamander Forecast and Amphibian Road Crossing Sites


Important Advisory: This activity is appropriate for children ages 7+ and MUST be done while accompanied by a trusted adult. For extra precaution, this activity is best done with a group. Outdoor education is important but safety is paramount.



Make A Terrarium

Spring is here and even little ones are itching to get outside to play, work in the garden, and plant flowers. Making a terrarium is a fun way to add a little nature and some greenery to your home, and with this Make a Terrarium Activity, kids get to choose what to add and learn how to take care of their new special terrariums. 






Dandelions are one of the most recognisable and first plants to pop up in the spring. They are named for their “lion-toothed” leaves (dent de lion is French for ‘lion’s tooth’). Dandelion leaves are edible and are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. My son loves dandelions… I always seem to have a bouquet of dandelions on my kitchen counter and very often I have a few in my hair! These little yellow plants are a fan favorite for little ones and this Dandelion Vase Craft will definitely get them excited! Head outside to create a vase for someone you love, or try out this cute dande-lion … roar!


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