Your Learning Connection #21


Your Learning Connection  |  Vol. #21  |  Challenge Issue  


Birding Challenge



Be a Bird Nerd

Birding is a great way to connect with the environment right outside your door and hone your powers of observation. A good pair of binoculars can help, but really all you need is patience and a habitat – such as your backyard – to observe. Keen eyes and ears are a plus when observing birds!


Follow these steps to learn all about birds and complete our bird species identification challenge in your own backyard or neighborhood!



Watch the video below to learn the basics of birds and tips on how to start Backyard Birding.



Check out these excellent resources to learn more about birds! Click here to learn more about  diets, behaviors, and biology, listen to different bird calls, and seek guidance for species identification!



Take your learning to the next level, by heading out into your own backyard or surrounding community and see how many different birds you can find with our Bird BINGO Challenge!

For an additional challenge, after you spy a bird that matches an image on the bingo sheet, do your own research to find out one new fact about it. 



Get creative (and a little messy) with this DIY bird feeder activity DIY Bird Feeder Activity the whole family can enjoy! Looking for more ways to attract birds into your yard? Check out these other homemade bird feeder ideas. Remember, when the food is gone, detach any string or other material you used and throw it in the trash. Small acts of conservation are great opportunities to talk with your children about the importance of the Leave No Trace principles.



Ready to wrap up your outdoor birding blitz? Print one or more of the local bird species pages below and have fun coloring!





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