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Your Learning Connection  |  Vol. 18



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Disappearing Flounder Challenge


Some of the best examples of camouflage can be found beneath the sea! Just like the skates in the camouflage video below, flounder are bottom feeding fish that blend in with the ocean floor and can disappear into the background. Winter flounder, Pseudopleuronectes americanus, which live here in the Gulf of Maine, can actually change their colors and patterns to match the surroundings. Want a fun game to play with your family and friends? Try this Disapearing Flounder Challenge and see whose flounder survives the longest in hiding. Good luck!




Egg-citing Investigations


Eggs are pretty amazing, and definitely one of nature’s most perfect designs. You may have noticed that birds often make their nests high up in the trees, sit on the eggs to protect them against predators and keep them warm, and may even build elaborate nests of densely woven grasses, twigs or mud to protect them from wind and rain. But what if that egg were to drop from its perch or aerie? Try this fun Egg Drop Challenge to test your skills and create a device to protect an egg from breaking.

Have some empty egg shells? Investigate this statement: FACT OR FICTION; 2 hollowed out egg shells can hold up a heavy book without breaking. Is this a myth or is it possible? Let us know what you discover!



Window to the Clouds!


Have you noticed any changes in the clouds now that it is winter? Cloud shape and height can vary quite a lot between the warmer and cooler months of the year. One fun tool for viewing and identifying cloud types is a Cloud Window Frame. The frame is decorated with the many different types of clouds you can find, and there is a big empty space in the middle for you to look through and frame up the cloud you’re investigating so that you can compare it to the pictures on the sides. Follow this link from E is for EXPLORE, to find a sample cloud viewer to print and design your own frame. Or, use this sample as inspiration to draw your own! You can find lots of cloud pictures and descriptions on Scijinks.

Learn more about the different shapes, and how you can become a cloud scientist with naturalist Daryn, in the Cloud Video below.



Nature Scavenger Hunts


There are so many beautiful shapes and patterns to be found in nature!

Time to head outside for a nature adventure! This Shapes in Nature Scavenger Hunt is just the beginning. What patterns and shapes can you find as you explore? Can you check off all of the items in our hunt? What other shapes did you find? The examples in our scavenger hunt are just starting points for new and interesting ways to look at nature.

Once you get the knack of spotting shapes in natural objects, you can look for new patterns and shapes to create a unique scavenger hunt that is specially designed by you! Once it’s complete, you can challenge your friends and family.


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